2 April - 29 April 2018  


Applications for the camp will close on 29 April 2018.

Successful applicants will be notified via email by 13 May 2018.
14 May - 2 June 2018 

Online Training

The three-week online training will introduce participants to cyber defence techniques and methodologies employed by IT security practitioners.

Participants will learn how to

  • perform an accurate security assessment of an IT system 
  • identify common vulnerability in a system 
  • analyse network traffic to detect a cyber-attack
  • defend against common modes of cyber attack 
  • detect and remove malware

The online training is compulsory for all participants in the JC/IP Group (JC/IP students) to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of cyber defence. It is optional for participants in the University/Poly Group (Tertiary students), who may choose to opt in for the training during registration.

1 & 2 June 2018 

Online Qualifier 

A two-day online qualifier will be held to test the application of participants' cyber defence knowledge and skills. Selected teams from each group will advance to compete in the on-site competition. 

Selected teams will be notified via email by 4 June 2018.

8 June 2018 

Pre-Competition Briefing  

Selected teams from the online qualifier will be required to attend a compulsory pre-competition briefing that will cover the competition format, as well as rules and regulations. 

The briefing will take place from 0900 - 1500hrs.

Venue: To be announced 

11 June 2018 

Competition and Closing Ceremony 

A competition will be held for selected teams to pit their cyber defence knowledge and skills in thrilling team challenges. 

Closing Ceremony will be held in afternoon.

Venue: To be announced

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