Highest Honours in Defence Tech
24 Oct 2017

The Defence Technology Prize (DTP) recognises the outstanding technological achievements of Singapore’s defence engineers and scientists. This year, there are four DSTA recipients of this prestigious award presented by Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen at a ceremony on 20 October 2017.


In his keynote address, Dr Ng commended the winners for their dedication and hard work. He added that the DTP encourages excellence and professionalism among the Defence Technology Community (DTC), and urged the community to “ensure that [a] culture of innovation and daring continues into the next generation”. 

Among the winners, Director (InfoComm Infrastructure) Leong See Sum received the DTP Individual (Engineering) Award for his significant contributions in developing secure, robust and resilient network systems for the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). 

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(From left) Dr Ng, See Sum and Chief Defence Scientist Mr Quek Gim Pew; See Sum and his team

“Building resilient defence network systems is a challenging and dynamic task that I find to be very rewarding. It’s an honour to receive this award, and I think this also represents the shared achievements and growth of my team members and colleagues. I look forward to what we can achieve together in future,” he said.  

Three DSTA teams received the DTP Team (Engineering) Award – the Army C4IT Team, the Realisation of Integrated Networked Force Team, and the Air Surveillance System Team.

The Army C4IT team designed and delivered a secure Army Battlefield Internet (ABI) that allows soldiers and commanders to communicate on the battlefield, improving situational awareness for more synchronised Army operations


Army C4IT Team

Collaborating with DSO National Laboratories (DSO), the Singapore Army and ST Electronics, our engineers in the Army C4IT team upgraded and integrated different generations of Army communications equipment and networks, and strengthened the overall cybersecurity of the ABI. 

The Realisation of Integrated Networked Force team – which also included members from the SAF, DSO, ST Aerospace and ST Electronics – developed an integrated network that enables the Army, Air Force and Navy to interoperate and share a comprehensive battlespace picture. This secure and seamless communication network has helped to increase the SAF’s operational effectiveness.


Realisation of Integrated Networked Force team

The Air Surveillance Team – which also comprised members from DSO and the RSAF – received a Team (Engineering) award for their innovative air surveillance system that can detect small drones in highly urban areas. The system provides the SAF with a continuous and current air surveillance picture against challenging targets. It is also interoperable with other sensors. 

Head Information for Innovation (Land Systems) Hee Yong Siong – the team leader of the Army C4IT team – said: “The DTP is one of the highest honours a defence engineer or scientist can receive, so our team is proud of achieving this! We will continue our best efforts to deliver defence innovations to the SAF.”