Meaningful Engagement, Memorable Enrichment
01 Jun 2018

United by the same alma mater, four engineers headed back to Hwa Chong Institution to conduct an interactive workshop on Requirements Engineering for budding science and math talents on 24 May 2018.


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Organised to raise awareness and stimulate interest in defence engineering careers, the enrichment workshop was held as part of Hwa Chong Institution’s Science and Math Talent Programme as well as the Gifted and Talent Education programme.


The workshop – led by Programme Manager (Naval Systems) Foo Ce Yang – focused on the fundamentals of Requirements Engineering which involves developing a statement that identifies a system, product or process’ characteristics or constraint. This statement needs to be unambiguous, unique, consistent, verifiable and is deemed necessary for a stakeholder's acceptability. As DSTA engineers need to comprehend user's complex operational requirements and translate them into technical specifications that can be understood by all stakeholders, Ce Yang shared the importance and need for Requirements Engineering towards a successful outcome of a project. He also talked about the vital steps in its process.

To reinforce the learning, the students were tasked with problem-solving activities which were facilitated by Ce Yang, Senior Engineer (Naval Systems) Lim Yu Zheng, Senior Engineer (Information) Lincoln Cheng and Senior Engineer (Information) Koh Yi Sheng. While the students put their new skills into practice, writing and analysing requirements, the engineers provided guidance and shared their expertise and experience as defence engineers. Before the session concluded, the students had a short presentation of their analysis and solutions to showcase their takeaways.

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Ce Yang said: “It was an honour to be invited back to my alma mater to share about the work we do in DSTA. I was heartened by the active participation and keen interest demonstrated by the students. Through this session, I hope that they will be inspired to pursue a career in defence engineering.”