One DSTA Together
10 Aug 2017

At the National Day Observance Ceremony (NDOC) held on 8 August 2017, DSTA staff came together as one to celebrate the nation’s 52nd birthday. It was an opportunity for participants to reaffirm their love for Singapore by reciting the National Pledge and singing the National Anthem together.

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Speaking to over 2,900 staff in attendance at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, Chief Executive Tan Peng Yam highlighted the importance of the spirit of unity, both as a nation and one DSTA.

He said: “Our unity is our strength. It is also this One DSTA spirit that has enabled us to contribute to the wider Public Service confidently. This spirit of unity requires each one of us to have a mindset to take ownership of the challenges we face, and a curiosity to learn and apply new skills.”

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An in-house video was screened at the event, recounting DSTA’s milestones in the past year, and the contributions of our team which supported National Day Parade 2017.

Beyond a day of reflection, NDOC was also a time for staff to get to know one another and strengthen bonds. A series of stage games and National Day songs singalong created much joy and laughter.

A slew of fringe activities was also organised, including sports such as golf putting and soft archery, as well as art activities like keychain-making and getting their caricatures drawn. Photo backdrops were also set up for staff to snap away and commemorate the day.

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Wrapping up the day, staff visited the Singapore Maritime Gallery where they peeked into our nation’s transformation into one of the world’s International Maritime Centres.