Serving Up a Sandsational Time
15 Sep 2017

Organised by DSTA’s Volleyball Special Interest Group, the Beach Volleyball Tournament on 14 September 2017 saw four participating teams put up a good fight.

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Based on a round robin format, the game between Team ASPC1 and Team ASPC2 went to the wire in deciding the winner. Both teams were neck and neck but Team ASPC1 managed to take home the championship eventually with a score of 21-19, credit to their stunning team play.

Playing beach volleyball was a new experience for Senior Engineer (Cybersecurity) Melissa Chua. She said: “I enjoyed myself and learnt new techniques such as taking small steps instead of long strides in the sand to maximise my energy.”

The competitive event did not affect the DSTA family spirit. “Everyone was here to have fun and make friends, the atmosphere was cheerful and relaxing. I had fun participating in a sport that I usually wouldn’t,” said Engineer (Building and Infrastructure) Kenny Chua.

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Engineer (Advanced Systems) Jeremy Seet Yi Teng added: “I had an awesome time playing with my colleagues across DSTA. It was a great way to catch up and bond with one another!”

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