Staging Singapore’s Birthday Celebration
08 Aug 2018

This year, more than 50 DSTA engineers and procurement specialists contributed their expertise in various areas – infrastructure and stage, power, fireworks safety, public address and sound, and procurement – for yet another spectacular National Day Parade (NDP).

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As the co-chairman of the Infrastructure and Decoration Committee, Senior Engineer (Building and Infrastructure) Jackie Yeong lent his engineering expertise as a civil and structural engineer to provide engineering solutions and advice to ensure the seamless integration of key stage and infrastructure elements.

It was the first time the main truss of the stage was built using a hydraulic jack-up method where constructed segments were lifted by hydraulics and stacked on new segments. It was challenging to coordinate the construction of all the main columns in order to maintain load distribution evenly throughout the sections. The method reduced the need for workers to work at height and effectively reduced the construction time and enhanced safety processes at the same time.

In addition, Jackie was involved in ensuring structural integrity and the calibration and testing of the 10-panel swivel screen structure to enhance the show experience for the audience. During the parade, these screens can be configured to form one huge 10-panel screen or a few screens of different sizes, depending on the requirements of the show segments.

“I feel honoured to be able to do my part for the country through NDP, it has been a challenging and enriching experience,” said Jackie.

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Another critical component contributing to a successful NDP is power. Elements such as sound systems, LED screens, projectors and stage automation among many others, all require a robust power supply.

Co-chairman of the Power Support Committee, Deputy Head (Building and Infrastructure) Liao Weisheng along with his team, deployed more than 20 generators for the show.

Reflecting on his second time contributing to NDP, Weisheng shared: “I’m grateful to be given the chance to contribute to NDP again, working together with a team of professional and dedicated members to put up a great show for fellow Singaporeans.”

Fireworks display, a dynamic sound experience and fun packs also contribute to an enjoyable celebration for all attendees.

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Working with the Fireworks Committee, Principal Engineer (Systems Management) Seah See Hearn played a critical role in overseeing the safety of the audience and performers during the fireworks display. His role included assessing the safety of the fireworks display by setting up multiple observation points to study the burst locations to better evaluate the hazard zone and identifying the conditions for a safe passage for the performers involved in the water performances.

Chairman of the Fireworks Committee, ME6 Low Miang Hwei shared: “DSTA’s engineers’ support in the design, planning and execution of fireworks is instrumental to the successful and spectacular display for NDP 2018. See Hearn was present throughout the rehearsals to render technical and engineering inputs to constantly enhance safety for the show.”

“As fireworks is a main highlight that everyone looks forward to during the NDP, I am delighted to be able to contribute to the biggest fireworks event celebrated by the nation annually,” See Hearn added.

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Chairman of the Public Address (PA) and Sound Committee, Programme Manager (Advanced Systems) Tan She Ya and her team deployed over 200 speakers and microphones to ensure optimum audio coverage at the seating gallery.

The team also actively measured and recorded the sound pressure level across the different parade and show segments to profile the speaker performance and fine-tune the audio experience for the audience.

Deputy Chairman of the PA and Sound Committee, Senior Engineer (Advanced Systems) Lim Yong Jin shared: “NDP has been very fulfilling for me. It was a journey where the team and I worked towards a common goal to deliver the best sound experience. This is a feeling I will never forget.”

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DSTA procurement specialists also contributed by procuring key parade essentials and services such as the stage set, wingsuits for the Red Lions, jumpsuits for the Combat Naval Divers, fireworks, as well as performers’ costumes and over 250,000 fun packs.