As maritime traffic in regional waters continues to grow and expand, there is a greater need to foster deeper collaboration among regional navies in the maritime security domain. The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) thus approached DSTA to develop a system that facilitates the concept of seamless maritime collaboration and improves incident reporting capabilities.

DSTA first developed the ASEAN Information-Sharing Portal (AIP), and went on to develop a wireless smartphone-based prototype, both of which were demonstrated successfully at the ASEAN Navy Chiefs’ Meeting in Hanoi in July 2011. The DSTA team faced an extremely tight timeline but delivered the smartphone-based prototype in one and a half months.

During systems development, the team leveraged DSTA’s in-house expertise to design an intuitive graphical user interface. One of the features of the AIP is the chat application, which allows the RSN and its partners to share up-to-date information, hold group discussions, and coordinate responses in a timely manner even when they are on the move. The system also incorporated multi-language translation capabilities that allow operators to communicate in their native languages, bridging any language barrier in the ASEAN community.

By incorporating several features into the AIP, the team has provided regional navies with a platform to strengthen their information-sharing procedures and share maritime security related information. The system was launched officially and received warmly at the inaugural ASEAN Maritime Security Information Sharing Exercise in July 2012.