In 2012, DSTA delivered a new generation Satellite Communications (SATCOM) system providing the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) with Beyond Line of Sight communications capabilities. It facilitated the move from the congested bands into the newer Ku-band to leverage the larger available bandwidth. The systems support high data rates, allowing information to be gathered and disseminated quickly, thereby strengthening humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions, peace-support operations, safety and administration, and enhancing Integrated Knowledge-Based Command and Control.

Initially, there were concerns over using Ku-band during operations, as the reliability of the band could be affected by rain fade. The DSTA team conducted extensive research, experiments and field trials to identify effective ways to overcome the rain fade and mitigate interference, enabling high link availability in new frequency bands as a result. The SAF now has access to continuous and resilient SATCOM service.

Besides delivering the SATCOM in the new band, DSTA also developed a comprehensive management system that comes with an intuitive user interface for the operators to manage their SATCOM operations. With a software module developed by the team, it takes only a third of the time (from 30 to 10 minutes) needed for an operator to achieve the optimal alignment of the antenna dish with the satellite. The systems also provide the ability to reconfigure additional resources in minutes to support fast-changing demands.