Commonly known as the Public Protection Disaster Relief Communications System, the Ministry of Home Affairs Communications Network (MCN) is a mission-critical radio communications infrastructure that supports the Home Team’s operations.

DSTA supported the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in the development and deployment of the MCN in the early 2000s. DSTA is working with MHA on the next generation of the MCN – the MCN2. The backbone of the MCN is the Trunk Radio System (TRS), which is a secure wireless communications system with a radio coverage that spans Singapore’s mainland and territorial waters. The TRS is integrated with the SPF and SCDF’s 999/995-Emergency Call Systems.

With new buildings, roads and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines being added continually to Singapore’s infrastructure, DSTA has been working with MHA to expand the TRS network and refresh the technology over the years. In 2012, DSTA supported the deployment of new TRS base stations at the newly constructed Marina Coastal Expressway, Woodsville Interchange and Downtown Line MRT. These deployments have enabled Singapore Police Force (SPF), Singapore Civil Defence Force and SAF officers on the ground to be connected with their command centres through the MCN. Separately DSTA is also supporting SPF on the development of the next generation 999-Emergency Call System.