DSTA plays a significant role in implementing and supporting the Government Electronic Business (GeBIZ) system. GeBIZ is used by the Singapore Government to conduct e-commerce with suppliers.


In 2013, DSTA introduced three new GeBIZ capabilities which enable whole-of government (WOG) contract monitoring, approval of requirement (AOR) and supplier catalogue update.

The Contract Monitoring capability provides an integrated solution from contract creation to closure. All essential contract information is stored in a central repository in an organised manner. Additionally, the capability offers users a range of features to monitor contracts more effectively, including an integrated dashboard that provides a macro view of milestones and key contractual activities. Automated notifications of upcoming milestones are sent to users to support their contract management. The capability also facilitates collaboration by allowing multiple contract managers to work on the same contract and view common milestones.

The Online AOR capability supports an end-to-end AOR process where submissions and approvals are done electronically, minimising the risk of document falsification and procurement fraud. This capability integrates seamlessly with downstream GeBIZ procurement processes (e.g. sourcing, awarding, contracting and ordering), and helps to link, validate and provide an overview of intended purchases against the approved AOR budget.

The Supplier Catalogue Update capability generates competition among suppliers. They are given the same opportunity to adjust their prices periodically to remain competitive, thus creating greater value for money for WOG procurement. The update process is made known to all the appointed suppliers to ensure fairness and transparency. To govern the price update, a comprehensive set of business rules was incorporated into GeBIZ including a price acceptance criteria as well as a fixed update cycle with pre-defined opening and closing time periods. By allowing suppliers to update their prices in GeBIZ directly, government catalogue administrators can also save efforts in evaluating and effecting the price changes.