While DSTA had relied on its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to facilitate business processes like project accounting and human resource (HR) management, a new, more holistic and integrated DSTA Enterprise System (DES) can better support streamlined processes and improve the system usability for greater efficiency and productivity.

Developed in house and in collaboration with industry partners, the DES was designed to integrate, aggregate and automate processes while providing an intuitive interface to improve user experience. About 600 business processes of diverse domains have been reviewed and streamlined. The DES comprises a core ERP system, three business information analytics (BIA) modules supporting HR, Finance and Projects, and 15 customised bolt-on applications to fulfil unique business requirements.

To enable the efficient implementation of the complex DES, the DSTA team designed the core architecture to allow concurrent development and rolled out the system in phases. This enabled the core DES to be implemented in a shorter time than that assessed by industry experts.


Under the DES, the Project Planning and Management (PPM) application was developed to allow DSTA project management teams to monitor their projects and perform required tasks via a unified and simple user interface. PPM also allows business units to track project performance against their annual business plans, with cost visibility and more seamless project accounting. A new bolt-on HR capability was developed as well to support staff career planning and development as part of the DSTA Staff Development Framework.

In addition, the various SAP modules in the ERP system supported all key activities of an enterprise in an integrated fashion, thus reducing data entry and improving data retrieval. With an integrated ERP suite, only a single version of data needs to be entered and propagated to all parts of the business that require it.

With the rich and integrated data accumulated in DES, a Finance BIA was added to the existing HR and Projects BIA to allow finance users to self-help and harness the information to improve decision making and work productivity for their daily operations. With the team’s effort, DES integrates processes and data across HR, Finance, Project and Procurement to enable streamlined operations, and empowers users with self-help reporting and analytic capabilities. It also enhances user experience via a custom-built intuitive and user-friendly interface that is not typical of the traditional SAP-based system implementation approach.