Besides equipping the SAF with state-of-the-art weaponry and capabilities, DSTA plays a key role in fulfilling its learning needs. With the advent of new consumer technologies, it is essential that the SAF engages Gen Y soldiers, who are digital age learners, through infocomm technology-enabled training.

To facilitate new learning methods, DSTA implemented LEARNet which was launched at the SAF Learning Symposium in June 2012. As an online portal, LEARNet hosts a full spectrum of learning technologies ranging from mobile tablet devices and immersive rich media content, to social and collaborative networks.

DSTA tapped the opportunities arising from the rapid evolution of consumer technologies and social media to further enhance the level of engagement of the soldiers. This was done by introducing features such as game-centric content, enterprise mobile applications store, and a suite of learner-oriented applications.

DSTA also ensured that the approach is sustainable and could be proliferated across the SAF. This includes the capacity to update and review the curriculum and content continually in order for LEARNet to remain as the platform for new learning applications and content to be crowd sourced.

In 2012, LEARNet was rolled out to key SAF learning institutions such as the Armour Training Institute, Air Force School, and the Institute of Maritime Operations and Systems. Soldiers can now learn independently and at their own pace, allowing the SAF to focus more on outfield training activities. This helped to improve the overall training experience and effectiveness in the SAF.