eWorkplace is an initiative by DSTA that seeks to transform its current corporate portal into a next-generation digital workplace. It is a platform which leverages the collaborative capabilities of Web 2.0 and other social media applications to enhance knowledge sharing, collaboration and engagement in the organisation.


The DSTA team designed and developed eWorkplace based on the organisation’s robust frameworks on information architecture and information governance, as well as a user-centric focus to deliver an intuitive user interface design. Now, accessing information is faster and easier. Additionally, the search engine incorporates a search function that can identify staff with particular competencies tagged to them.

eWorkplace also promotes greater collaboration and learning through the use of social collaboration tools such as forums and team sites. Productivity is enhanced with a new document management system and a comprehensive search function. Staff can perform crowdsourcing to facilitate problem solving and share information. With interactive features such as comments, like and share functions, eWorkplace facilitates staff engagement through timely and rich content.