DSTA partnered MINDEF and the SAF to manage the development of a suite of mobile applications (apps), allowing Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) to perform administrative transactions on the go. An improved version of the MyIPPT app was launched at the start of 2013.

Using the MyIPPT app, NSmen can book and keep track of their training on their mobile devices’ calendar, plan and save their exercise routines, find the nearest fitness corner in their housing estates and enjoy music from their playlists while they work out. A Workout Tracker feature even provides NSmen with a ‘smart companion’ which can track their exercise goals and monitor their progress.

As this app is a first for personal devices for all NSmen, the DSTA team faced unique challenges. Besides ensuring that the app is both effective and user friendly to the NSmen, the team also had to ascertain that it will work on the various mobile phones running on different mobile operating system (OS) platforms.

The team adopted the use of a cross-platform application framework, which allows a single set of codes developed to be deployed quickly across multiple mobile OS platforms. In addition, DSTA delivered customised modules for MINDEF’s specific requirements such as the integration with SingPass login.

To develop an intuitive user interface and ensure that the app adheres closely to the NSmen’s usage patterns, the team carried out a series of tests and solicited feedback from NSmen during their in-camp training. The new MyIPPT app has already garnered international recognition when it was nominated for the Best Mobile Product category at the International 2012 Mobile Excellence Awards.

Besides bringing NSmen greater convenience and accessibility in transacting with MINDEF and the

SAF via the MyIPPT app, DSTA also rolled out the MyNSAdmin app which allows NSmen to submit overseas notifications and check their operational manning duties.