As an existing data centre in MINDEF had reached its maximum capacity, DSTA was approached to look into possible solutions to expand the centre to support new project requirements. Space was available in a nearby building, and the conventional design would have been to build a new server site with its own set of basic network, security and server infrastructure. Breaking from this convention, the DSTA team designed the second site as a virtual extension of the existing data centre.

The data centre design is built on the concept of managing two separate sites as one logical data centre, with the second site utilising the basic IT infrastructure from the existing centre. Through this, server space and resources are optimised as there is no need for a duplicate set of basic infrastructure. MINDEF is thus able to maximise the physical space and the mechanical and electrical infrastructure in the second site to support additional project requirements. DSTA designed and integrated the two sites so that the users of systems located in the second site via the existing data centre do not experience any degradation in user experience.

The design led to cost avoidance of close to 50 per cent of the implementation costs for MINDEF. It also reduces DSTA’s manpower required for the implementation and management of the data centre.