Without question, DSTA’s greatest assets are its people. Their expertise is the fulcrum underpinning many missions’ success.   

When it comes to critical operations, 24/7 uptime and complete support are pivotal. In December 2014, SAF’s MINDEF Joint Ops Centre (MJOC) was mobilised after news of AirAsia flight QZ8501 crash came to light. Manager (InfoComm Infrastructure) Chia Wai Chung had the task of readying the systems at Ministry of Home Affairs Ops Centre over that very weekend. Working in tandem with DSTA’s network engineers and network firewall team, he managed to activate the said systems within the short critical time window. Thanks to these efforts, MJOC was able to deploy relevant resources and commence operations accordingly. 

For his outstanding work ethics, Wai Chung was honoured at the 2016 edition of the Excellence in Public Service Awards Ceremony. He received the PS21 Star Service Award, which recognises personnel who deliver high standards of service excellence in IT support and CIT.