DSTA established a centre to provide one-stop configuration management, testing and certification for MINDEF and the SAF’s Corporate IT (CIT) systems.


At the DSTA Common Operating Environment (COE) Centre , the team tests operating systems configurations, security configurations and software components functions against approved computing standards. The centre also simulates the IT environment to enable end-to-end testing and certification, allowing project teams to detect and resolve issues quickly.

Furthermore, the centre measures baseline client and application performance before deployment. Thereafter, it monitors indicators such as the time it takes for the system and email to start up. Potential performance issues can be identified early for timely resolution. The team also collates feedback from users at regular intervals and incorporates suitable suggestions into future version releases to improve user experience.

The services and capabilities provided by the DSTA COE Centre have brought a range of benefits to the CIT project teams. These included simplified maintenance, improved manageability of clients and servers, elimination of software incompatibilities and timely deployment of security patches and software upgrades.