DSTA’s engineers pride themselves on their forward-thinking mindsets and moxie to innovate. Buoyed by a collective and well-honed expertise, a team of DSTA engineers developed a Next-generation Data Centre. Cutting-edge engineering features enhance the centre’s security and operational capabilities. Boasting nifty energy-saving features, the facility is also one of Singapore’s most energy-efficient centres.

An IT Disaster Recovery plan is of paramount importance to any organisation. In the event of a disaster, this plan is immediately launched to reactivate IT systems. In turn, business continuity can be ensured. With that in mind, the team has designed a blueprint that effectively pre-empts disasters. Proper room segregation is a key factor, so that any loss can be contained to the damage area. Not only that, scalability is also the centre’s distinction. Its modular design allows flexibility for easy deployment of future technologies.  

For their stellar conceptual, design and planning skills in making the centre a reality, the DSTA engineering team received the Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award bestowed by the Institution of Engineers Singapore.