As part of the close collaboration with our SAF partners, DSTA has been supporting Exercise Forging Sabre (XFS) since 2009. XFS is an integrated live-firing exercise held in the USA once every two years to validate the SAF’s Integrated Strike capabilities in a realistic and challenging environment.

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To detect, track, execute and strike moving targets is not an easy task. Every soldier, asset and capability must work in concert to deliver an integrated strike. DSTA equipped the SAF with an indigenously developed suite of lightweight command and control (C2) systems to achieve simultaneous and integrated strikes during XFS. Observations and lessons from each edition of the exercise have been gathered by the DSTA team to continually develop, validate and enhance these capabilities.

In XFS 2017, the team delivered a capability for more accurate and rapid battle damage assessment. Leveraging video content analytics and machine learning techniques, the enhanced C2 system learns from past data on bomb drops and explosion patterns to automatically derive the impact point of a bomb and determine the distance between the impact point and actual target. This helps to determine if the target has been neutralised. Previously, servicemen had to manually review video sources frame by frame to identify the impact point and calculate the impact distance to target.

DSTA’s participation in XFS has provided our engineers with valuable opportunities to learn from their SAF partners about their work processes and concept of operations. The continued evolution of C2 capabilities is a strong testament to the close partnership between the servicemen and the DSTA team.

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Indigenous capability for accurate and rapid Battle Damage Assessment