In 2009, DSTA embarked on the development of the Operations Terrain Mapping (OTM) system for the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). OTM is a data capturing process where the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) ground officers record their observations and investigations to build up a comprehensive database when carrying out their duties. The process allows them to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the area of operations, which helps them to tackle crime and terrorism in identified ‘hotspots’, detect terrain vulnerabilities and develop targeted strategies for engagement and intervention.

In 2011, DSTA completed the development and roll-out of a computerised geospatial OTM system for both SPF and SCDF. This system allows their ground officers to capture, search, visualise and share operational terrain information more effectively and efficiently. Apart from enabling SPF and SCDF to map the social and physical geography of the area under each sector, the OTM system also provides comprehensive situational awareness by linking to other operational systems to collate data such as past crime information. The OTM system was fully deployed at all neighbourhood police centres and fire stations in 2012, helping MHA to plan and conduct operations more effectively.