To support the Third Generation Soldier Marksmanship requirements, DSTA delivered the Multi-Mission Range Complex (MMRC), providing the SAF with realistic day and night as well as all-weather marksmanship training to meet diverse training needs. The newly constructed indoor training hub was launched in October 2013, enabling soldiers to undergo various training ranging from traditional shooting practices to advanced marksmanship programmes. The MMRC consists of different types of ranges to cater to the training for different missions.

Judgemental Shooting is one of the new training capabilities in the MMRC, where trainees are taught to make shooting decisions swiftly and accurately. This capability is enabled via the Video Targetry System (VTS), which the team integrated to accommodate a range of weapons with different calibres, shot trajectories, impact and distances. With the VTS, the SAF is able to conduct long distance marksmanship training of up to 1km,which is 20 times the distance of the range.

At the Multi-Tier Range, soldiers are able to train and hone their Marksmanship skills. The Multi- Tier Range features a single-rail moving targetry system which eliminates the potential of targets being obscured for trainees firing at higher level targets from a lower level location. An equal line of sight is created for all shooters in the Multi-Tier Range so that targets on a single rail would appear to be of the same size. This feature was co-invented by DSTA.

The team designed the Urban Operations Range in the MMRC to be configured easily to different training settings. Another feature was the ability to simulate various light conditions such as daylight and moonlight,enhances the range safety and reduces maintenance efforts to replace the structural beams regularly.

The team also designed the MMRC’s ventilation system to prevent the accumulation of contaminants in the ranges and reduce the risk of soldiers inhaling such contaminants. A building automation system was introduced to provide real-time monitoring and adjustment of exhaust and supply fan speeds, so as to maintain differential pressure at all times.

The MMRC is a complex project, requiring expertise in building construction, systems acquisition, simulation, armaments safety, IT support, systems operations and maintenance. With the colocation of seven ranges in a single facility, substantial space has been freed up for other developments in land-scarce Singapore. The MMRC enables up to 900 soldiers to complete their shoots in one day as compared to two to three days in an outdoor range. The team’s outstanding achievements were recognised with the Defence Technology Prize 2013 Team (Engineering) Award.