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DSTA has extended its deep engineering know-how to deliver advanced system capabilities beyond defence.

As the Centre of Excellence for command, control and communications (C3), DSTA works with other public agencies to address their C3 needs holistically and synergistically.

To deal with national security threats that evolve at a rapid pace, DSTA partnered the National Security Coordination Secretariat to develop a Crisis Information Management System (CIMS) reference architecture for Whole-of-Government crisis management. The CIMS architecture was further enhanced in partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs, and has since been adopted by other agencies to improve cross-agency collaboration. By leveraging a standardised underlying architecture developed by DSTA, the crisis management systems are interoperable by design.

In addition, to boost the capability of the National Security Coordination Secretariat to better anticipate emerging strategic issues, DSTA developed the Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning (RAHS) system. A human augmentation sense-making application, RAHS helps analysts to identify patterns in seemingly disparate data, allowing them to gather information, search through content and make sense of it quickly. Since its deployment, it has been enhanced with additional analytical and trending features to boost the situational awareness for its various users and analysts.