In view of limited resources, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) needs to build a holistic workforce that can support its required levels of operations. With the Integrated Workforce (IWF) concept, the SAF can deploy its servicemen to nurture new capabilities and undertake enhanced roles. The IWF also creates greater training capacity for the servicemen by freeing them from non-core duties. To realise this workforce, DSTA established a series of contracts to support the SAF’s IWF programmes.

Tapping the industry, the SAF procured non-core services that were traditionally performed by in-service personnel. For instance, in the areas of training administration and resource management services, an open Request for Information was published prior to the tender to gauge the industry’s interest and readiness to meet these requirements.

Based on the industry’s feedback, DSTA worked closely with the SAF to define the requirements and performance indicators to obtain better cost-effectiveness. Unlike previous contract arrangements with a fixed workload commitment for the entire duration of the contract, DSTA introduced flexibility in the contract to facilitate adjustments in the workload with the suppliers. This innovative win-win arrangement resulted in better rates as both the SAF and supplier would be able to utilise the procured manpower more efficiently.

In addition, DSTA developed guides to build up knowledge management and retention to assist the SAF in defining future IWF requirements and in evaluating and managing IWF contracts.