NDP 2013 Fun PackNDP 2013 Parade Costume

Attending a birthday celebration is all about having fun. Parade goers at the National Day Parade (NDP) would not be able to enjoy themselves fully without the hard work of a team from DSTA Procurement Programme Centre.

Led by Head Procurement Helen Tai and Principal Procurement Lead Richard Ng, the team was responsible for procuring all things big and small for NDP2013, including this year’s versatile fun packs.

The team also had to deal with the myriad of requirements for different aspects of the parade such as the need for robust and reliable power generators and elaborate costumes.

Tapping the multi-year contracts established by DSTA in previous NDP, the team facilitated more efficient and effective processing of many recurrent purchases.

In addition, the team delivered all these in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Procurement Executive Ng Yee Wei said: “It was a fulfilling and meaningful experience to be part of the team behind this nationwide celebration. The event provided the team with valuable experience and learning points."

NDP 2013 Procurement