Together with the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), DSTA introduced a new contract model that combines several maintenance works into a holistic package and adopts an outcome-based approach.

Under the previous contractual arrangements, payments were made to sustain the workforce based on holding number to meet the stringent safety requirements and maintenance demands of the RSN’s submarines. While this model enabled a smooth workflow for the RSN, resources were not optimised.

The DSTA team thus embarked on the outcome-based model to establish the new submarine support contract. To identify a more suitable mechanism for the new contract, the team studied the relevant maintenance contracts that were carried out separately by different industry partners. Under the new outcome-based model, maintenance works are paid based on the capacity stated in the contract, leading to cost-effectiveness for the RSN.

With the new submarine support contract established by DSTA, the RSN has achieved an important milestone in realising a full submarine support capability.