BrainHack is a unique, hands-on experience into the swiftly evolving world of digital tech.

Dive deep into the exciting realms of cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), satellite technologies, app development, fake news detection, 3D printing, and more!

The inaugural BrainHack in 2019 drew more than 1,500 students from 30 schools. See what past participants have to say below, and get ready for a new online format this year. Fresh challenges and opportunities to learn and apply skills in real-world situations await!



1 to 5 June 2020

SeeTrue Workshops – See Through Fake News

SeeTrue Workshops – See Through Fake News

Learn about fake news and the increasing importance of recognising it in the modern world. See how algorithms churn out fake news in real time. Join the fight against fake news! (Workshop A)

Explore basic machine learning techniques and pit your skills against friends to detect fake images. There will be prizes to be won! (Workshop B)

Note: Participants may sign up for both Workshops A and B.

CODE_EXP Mobile App Development Hackathon

Try your hand at cloud-based app development! Form teams to design, develop and pitch your app through a creative hackathon. Online mentoring will be provided.


3 to 5 July 2020


Put your cybersecurity skills to the test! Solve team challenges, quizzes, and take part in an exhilarating 48-hour online team competition.

New to cybersecurity? Fret not – there’s a comprehensive online training programme to equip you with the necessary techniques!

Learn more here.


Apply AI to robots! Learn how to use AI techniques to identify objects, navigate obstacles and more. In teams, train your robot to complete challenges autonomously for different disaster relief scenarios. Open to students of all AI experience levels!

Learn more here.


SpaceCube is an earth observatory mission for environmental monitoring applications using CubeSat satellites! Learn more about the SpaceCube mission and satisfy your curiosity about satellite technologies with industry and academia experts in space. This live panel discussion is open to all BrainHack participants.

Learn more here.

Tech Showcase

Get up close and personal with a diverse range of technologies at the virtual Tech Showcase! Find and complete tasks in this interactive exhibition to unlock credits and give our virtual claw machine a go! The Tech Showcase is open to all BrainHack participants.

Digital Factory

Learn basic 3D modelling and 3D printing through an online webinar, and redeem 3D-printed prizes (and more!) at the Digital Factory with your Tech Showcase credits! The Digital Factory is open to all BrainHack participants.


Personalise your BrainHack experience at a glance!

Dates  Activity 
 1 June – 5 June 2020  SeeTrue Workshops
CODE_EXP Hackathon 
 25 May – 6 June 2020  Today I Learned (TIL) – AI Camp Online Training
 7 June – 20 June 2020  TIL Online Qualifier
 8 June – 28 June 2020  Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp (CDDC) Online Training
 21 June – 3 July 2020  TIL Issuance of Robots & Vlog
(Finalists only)
 3 July – 5 July 2020  CDDC Online Competition
(5pm – 5pm)
 Virtual Tech Showcase
 Digital Factory
 4 July 2020
 SpaceCube Panel Discussion
 4 July – 5 July 2020  TIL Finals




Registration for BrainHack 2020 has closed.

Activity  Register by 
 SeeTrue Workshops

CODE_EXP Hackathon
 Registration has closed.

Successful registrants will be notified via email by 12 May 2020.

 Registration has closed.

Successful registrants will be notified via email by 19 May 2020.
 SpaceCube Panel Discussion

Tech Showcase

Digital Factory
 Registration has closed.

Successful registrants will be notified via email by 5 June 2020.




Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp, Today I Learned – AI Camp and CODE_EXP Hackathon:

JC/IP/ITE Category

Open to all full-time students from local junior colleges, Integrated Programme (IP) schools (Year 5 and 6) and Institutes of Technical Education (ITE).

University/Polytechnic Category

Open to all full-time students from local polytechnics and universities (undergraduates).

SeeTrue Workshops:

Open to all full-time students from local junior colleges, IP schools (Year 5 and 6), ITE, polytechnics and universities (undergraduates).

SpaceCube Panel Discussion, Tech Showcase and Digital Factory:

Open to all full-time students and teachers from local secondary schools, junior colleges, IP schools (Year 1 to 6), ITE, polytechnics and universities (undergraduates), even if you are not participating in any camp/workshop!


During the camps, you will work together in teams to solve various challenges and pit your collective skills against one another.

Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp:

Each team should consist of four members, of whom at least two must be Singapore citizens.

Today I Learned – AI Camp:

Each team should consist of six members, of whom at least three must be Singapore citizens.

CODE_EXP Hackathon:

Each team should consist of four to five members, of whom at least two must be Singapore citizens.


Stand to win attractive prizes if your team comes out top in CDDC, TIL, SeeTrue Workshop B or CODE_EXP Hackathon! You could also win prizes at the Tech Showcase and Digital Factory, so don’t miss out!


Are there any prerequisites to take part in any of the activities?

There are no prerequisites as training will be provided.

I took part in BrainHack 2019. Can I still participate this year?

Of course! You are more than welcome to sign up again, as the format and challenges will be different from past editions.

Can students from different schools form a team?

Yes, as long as the participants are registering for the same category.

I am interested to register but am unable to form a team. What should I do?

You can register as an individual or a group of two or three. The organisers will help to form a team with other registrants where possible.

Can a participating team make changes to the team composition after registration?

Yes. The team will just need to submit the request (including the reason) to the organisers.

I have submitted the application form. Am I a confirmed participant?

As there are limited places in the camps/workshops, there may be a selection process after registration closes. Confirmed participants will be notified by email.

Will I be able to take part in more than one activity?

Please refer to the schedule of events to plan your BrainHack experience, depending on your interest and availability (e.g. school commitments). As CDDC and TIL finals are held concurrently, it would be possible to take part in only either camp.

Have more questions? Contact us at