Do you crave diving deep into the exciting realms of Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Space?

If your answer is yes, BrainHack is just the event for you!

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Consisting of not one or two, but four unique segments, BrainHack is all about providing a unique, hands-on experience into the swiftly evolving world of digital tech.

The inaugural BrainHack in 2019 drew more than 1,500 students from 30 schools. This year promises to be even bigger and better, with fresh challenges and opportunities to learn and apply skills in real-world situations.

Not convinced? See what past participants have to say!




Put your cybersecurity skills to the test! Solve challenges, quizzes, and take part in a team competition. No prior knowledge on cybersecurity? Fret not – there’s a comprehensive online training programme to equip you with the necessary techniques!


Apply AI on robots! Train your robot to complete challenges autonomously in different disaster relief scenarios. Learn how to use AI techniques to identify objects, navigate obstacles and more!


Monitor climate changes through a CubeSat (aka miniaturised satellite) model! Gain first-hand experience in assembling a CubeSat and more!

Tech Showcase

Get up close and personal with a diverse range of technologies at the Tech Showcase! Enjoy enriching experiences by interacting with the exhibits and gaining insights into the various topics on display.


Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp and Today I Learned – AI Camp:

JC/IP/ITE Category

Open to all full-time students from local Junior Colleges, Integrated Programme (IP) Schools (Year 5 and 6) and Institutes of Technical Education (ITE) 

University/Polytechnic Category

Open to all full-time students from local Polytechnics and Universities (undergraduates)


Open to all full-time students from Secondary Schools (Secondary 3 and 4), IP Schools (Year 5 and 6), local Junior Colleges and Polytechnics.

Tech Showcase:

Open to all full-time students and teachers, even if you are not participating in any camp!


During the camps, you will work together in teams to solve various challenges and pit your collective skills against one another. 

Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp:

Each team should consist of four members, of whom at least two must be Singapore Citizens.

Today I Learned – AI Camp:

Each team should consist of six members, of whom at least three must be Singapore Citizens.


Each team should consist of five members, of whom at least three must be Singapore Citizens.


Stand to win attractive prizes if your team comes out top! 


Are there any prerequisites to take part in any of the camps?

There are no prerequisites as training will be provided prior to the competition.

I took part in BrainHack 2019. Can I still participate this year?

Of course! You are more than welcome to sign up again, as the format and challenges will be different from past editions of the camp. This year, BrainHack is also introducing a brand new camp – SPACECUBE.

Can students from different schools form a team?

Yes, as long as the participants are registering for the same category.

I am interested to register but am unable to form a team. What should I do?

You can register as an individual or a group of two or three. The organisers will help to form a team with other registrants where possible.

Can a participating team make changes to the team composition after registration?

Yes. The team will just need to submit the request (including the reason) to the organisers.  

I have submitted the application form. Am I a confirmed participant?

As there are limited places in the camp, there will be a selection process after registration closes. Confirmed participants will be notified by email.  

Will I be able to take part in more than one camp?

As all three camps are held concurrently, participants will not be able to take part in more than one camp. You can indicate your preference when registration opens in April 2020.

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