Saluting SAF Day 2020
01 Jul 2020

This SAF Day, we took the opportunity to chat with some of the 46 DSTA Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) who were promoted in rank over the past year, to find out what it means to contribute to our nation both as a defence engineer and a soldier.

Tan Huang Hong

Principal Engineer (Naval Systems)

Tan Huang Hong

Congrats on your promotion! How does it feel to be promoted?

I'm excited about the new opportunities.

How do your roles in DSTA and NS complement one another?

As a DSTA engineer, I try my best to design systems such that they're safe and easy to use for NSmen.

On the other hand, interacting with the Services as a DSTA staff has shown me that there are far more things happening behind the scenes than what most NSFs and NSmen would be exposed to. This has helped me to better understand the overall operations picture.

Any words you'd like to share with your fellow NSmen?

NS builds character!


Lim Wen Zhen

Senior Engineer (Building and Infrastructure)

Lim Wen Zhen

You've no doubt experienced a lot during NS. Any favourite memories?

I'll always remember the camaraderie we built during outfields, especially when we take care of one another even through tough trainings.

What is NS to you?

It is a projection of our resolve to defend this country no matter what.

What's it like to have this dual role in both NS and DSTA?

Both roles allow me to contribute to Singapore’s defence and national security in one way or another.

It gives me a sense of pride to see the modern facilities and infrastructure designed by DSTA when I go back for in-camp training.


Gary Tan Han Soon

Senior Engineer (Advanced Systems)

Gary Tan

Congrats on your promotion! Any thoughts about your promotion?

I'm happy to be recognised for my contributions, and honoured to be trusted with greater responsibility to serve our country.

What benefits do you see in being both a defence engineer and a NSman?

I can better appreciate the challenges and contribute in my civilian capacity to keep our nation safe.

Any words of encouragement for your fellow NSmen?

I'm always inspired by my NS unit's motto: “We Can, and We Will"!